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Fashion Designer

Fashion designing, one of the most emerging careers in today’s world and mostly youngsters are taking keen part in this field. Youngsters with their broad mind and vast thinking are providing a fashion statement by creating their own styles and hence setting a new trend every time in the market. This field of fashion designing just not only gives the opportunity to meet the celebrities but also provides a platform to the young minds to express their views and to create a new sense of style. Fashion designers can go alone. Various persons are also involved from sewing the clothes to the marketing of the clothes. The new designs are promoted by organizing ramp shows. Go to our website and get lightning link free coins. Hurry up to go and start winning.

In India the fashion trend is becoming a social issue. The fashion designers have covered the whole Indian market. Their excellent skills along with traditional fabrics and lively textures had made them the leading designers of the world.

Now let us consider what kind of work is done by a fashion designer?

  1. A fashion designer creates designs for the garments of men, children and women.
  2. �By understanding the needs and demands of their clients they had to design attractive and traditional clothing which suits the client in all aspects including color, size, style and material.
  3. Once the deal is finalized between the client and designer then the sketching of garments is done. Only when this rough model sample is accepted only then the designer goes for the final fabric.
  4. Much time had to be spent in exploring the needs of the consumer and lots of research has to be done for finalizing the fabric, design, color, material. Also new going trends have to be kept in mind.

Main qualities of fashion designers are: –

  1. He should be artistic and should have a creative mind.
  2. His thoughts and ideas should be carefully and neatly expressed in his sketches.
  3. A designer must have the good ability to make color combinations and shades.
  4. He should be totally aware of the latest ongoing fashion trends.
  5. To widen his perception a designer must read fashion journals and books. Fashion designers must attend various events and art exhibition to have the knowledge of traditional art.
  6. He should know the basic sills which include sewing and cutting. Also must have the sound knowledge of good fabric.
  7. Good interaction must be made between client and designer. For this a fashion designer must be a good communicator and must be able to express his thoughts and creative ideas.

Some of the colleges and institutes which are generating the budding fashion designers are: –



  1. National Institute of Fashion Technology
  2. Pearl Academy of Fashion
  3. National Institute of Design
  4. J D Institute of Fashion Design

NIFT Campus, Hauz Khas, Delhi-210016
C-56/2.Okhla,Phase II, Delhi-210020
Paldi, Ahmedabad-380007
D-247, Savitri Path, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

Main areas of fashion designing include: –

  • Handling Designing department
  • Marketing and promoting
  • Controlling Manufacturing department
  • Working as a fashion coordinator.
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