70s Outfits

70s Outfits

70s Outfits

70s outfits

Whether you’re planning a party or looking for a stylish outfit for a night on the town, there are plenty of options to choose from. The 70s were an era of vibrant colors, bold patterns, and textures. You can also choose to wear hippie-style clothes, including bell-bottom trousers and platform shoes. Top off the outfit with a turtleneck or collared shirt and a vest.


Colors were a huge part of 70s fashion. During this time, women experimented with bold color combinations and bold patterns. Many outfits featured oversized collars. Some dresses also began sporting hippie prints. In the fall and winter, jewel tones and pastels were popular. In the summer, white was popular for both daytime and evening wear.

Men also embraced colorful outfits in the 70s. They typically wore button-down shirts with large collars and plunging necklines. They also wore bold-colored silk neck scarves tied with a square knot. Large bowties were popular as well. Men also wore jumpsuits. These were designed to look casual and comfortable, but still convey a luxe attitude.

Jeans were another huge part of 70s fashion. Many women wore flared jeans, which became very wide by 1975. These were often paired with bell bottom pants. Cable knit sweaters were also popular. These were fitted with a belt. Often, they came with a matching knit shirt. Ponchos were another popular option during the 1970s. Often, a baseball-themed logo or emblem was embroidered on the front.

The color palette of the seventies was not as limited as you may think. A wide variety of shades of brown were popular during this time. While the earth tones and shades of brown were popular, 70s outfits also incorporated some bright and bold color expressions. Browns, oranges, and reds were especially popular.

Women also had a great selection of jumpsuits during the 1970s. There were bright orange jumpsuits, but pastel colors were also available. A light orange jumpsuit would be just right on a beautiful fall day. Women loved jumpsuits because they were comfortable to wear. Jumpsuits were perfect for the fall and winter seasons, and women only had to add quarter-strap platform sandals to complete the outfit. This light orange jumpsuit has a few feminine touches, such as a ruffled neckline and bell-shaped cuffs.


If you are looking for a 70s outfit pattern, you’ve come to the right place. A detailed analysis of the decade’s fashion can be found on our fashion history page. The images used here are from unbranded dressmaking patterns taken from a weekly newspaper from the time. The majority of the styles shown are from the early 1970s.

The 1970s was a popular decade for women’s fashion. The wide range of clothing styles included crinkled cotton shirts, short skirts, and long maxi evening gowns. It also featured a wide range of trouser patterns, including children’s versions. There were also a number of patterns for trouser dresses.


The 1970s were a time of free-spirited fashion, and a lot of different looks were popular back then. Looking at vintage photos of the era can help you determine what the decade was all about. It is also helpful to know what kind of clothing to wear to a 1970s-themed party.

Those outfits had lots of patterns and textures, like paisley prints and tie-dye. The era also had plenty of light colors, and men’s suits were often plaid or bright. The 1970s outfits also featured large geometric shapes and patterns. There were hardly any outfits that were monochromatic, even on punk rockers.

You can try different textures to create a unique look. For example, wearing a plush jacket over your sweater can give you a blanket feel. This will keep you warm, but it will look glam as well. Alternatively, you can get a big plush jacket to add some glam to your outfit. If you want to be more creative, try mixing different textures and fabrics together. There is no specific formula, but you can experiment until you find a combination that works for you.

Another trend that was very popular in the 1970s was the kaftan. Many people wore this style for fun nights at home. This kaftan was often made of polyester or faux silk jersey. These outfits were very easy to get and were great for entertaining in.

The 1970s were a decade of change for the fashion industry. The era was characterized by many things. For instance, jet-setters were flying on jumbo jets. Jaws was popular among moviegoers, and technology wizards were thrilled to see Steve Jobs start Apple. All of this made the fashion industry undergo dramatic changes.


When shopping for a vintage outfit, the sizing is not related to the modern size scale. The sizing of the seventies was different than today’s sizes, and it is important to note that. For instance, if Marilyn Monroe wore a size twelve in the seventies, she would have been a size forty in modern-day measurements. However, she would have fit a size six today in certain brands.

In the 1970s, the fashions for women were much more daring. They included low-cut shirts and sweaters, tracksuits, and pantsuits. They also included crop tops and strapless tops. These trends continued into the 1980s. Sizing for 70s outfits was important because of the style of many clothing pieces.


There were a few major fashion trends from the 70s that were popular for women. Among these was the caftan, also known as a mumu dress or kaftan. The 70s caftan was a loose and flowing garment that resembled a nightgown. It was often paired with a blazer or a shirt with a big collar.

The 70s era was also known for being a time of risqué fashion and a free spirit. There were many different styles of clothing during this time. When deciding on what to wear to a 70s themed party, it’s important to know what looks were popular at that time.

The fashion trends of the 70s included a wide variety of colors and textures. Brightly colored suits and shirts were popular for special occasions, as were bright-colored jumpsuits. Other trends included flannel shirts, pleated pants, oxford shoes, and sweaters with sports logos.

Another popular 1970s outfit trend was the halter top. Halter tops were often trimmed with a different material, like a striped halter top or a taffeta skirt. These styles were also typically worn with bell-bottom pants, platform shoes, or clogs. Shorts were also popular, especially in the summertime.

Cher was another style icon who made the 70s look cool. Her earth goddess hair, tan-colored hair, and oversized fringed outfits made her one of the most iconic icons of the decade. The punk trend also influenced men’s fashion, with embroidered button-down shirts and boho ties.

The 1970s was also the era when the hippie movement began to take hold. The hippie movement and the cool crowd at Studio 54 wore 70s outfits. It was also the era when bell-bottom blue jeans were popular. Bell-bottom blue jeans had a wider bottom leg opening, which was usually over 20 inches. Women also often wore bell-sleeved tops. In addition, British fashion designer Bill Gibb made knitted fabrics fashionable for women.



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