Arewa Fashion Style Male

Arewa Fashion Style Male

Arewa Fashion Style Male

arewa fashion style male

Arewa fashion style is renowned for its glowing male models. It is a fashionable style of clothing for both men and women. Ashton Hall is one company that offers affordable clothing for both genders. The company is also one of the leading names in custom fashion design. It is also known for creating unique designs and creating clothing for men that are both functional and beautiful.


The male Dashiki is a traditional African fashion. It has long been associated with African culture and is commonly worn by Bantu and other African people. The style has also become popular among African Americans, and has been featured in films and television shows. It has also been worn by athletes, political figures, and even musicians. However, it waned in popularity after the 1960s, as it was replaced by other clothing styles. However, today, fashion designers are creating unique and colorful designs.

The male Dashiki originated from the Yoruba language and means “inner garment”. The garment originated in West Africa and was created to be comfortable for work. In the heat, it was often worn under a large robe. Similar garments have been found in dogon burial caves in Southern Mali. These garments date back to the 12th century.

Male Dashiki shirts are often worn over trousers or shorts, and are traditionally loose fitting. More modern styles feature short or three-quarter sleeves. Dashiki shirts are also available with modern fabrics, such as satin. Whether you prefer cotton or satin, the dashiki will work well with your wardrobe and complement other clothing.

Male Dashiki is a fashionable choice for men in Nigeria. It is a symbol of identity, and is considered traditional and unique. The Yoruba tribe considers the Dashiki to be native to their region. It is a traditional African garment that is often worn by men from the Yoruba tribe. Male Dashiki tops are often made of Ankara fabric.

Male Dashiki designs have a wide range of designs. Some have unique V-collars, while others have embroidery. Men’s Dashikis can be worn with trousers or even with a hood.

Senator style

The Arewa fashion style male senator attire is not the same as the traditional Niger-delta or Igbo dress. However, they are similar in appearance. The senator wear is typically made from plain suit material. The senator’s attire is also very comfortable. This type of attire can be worn by any man of status.

The senator style is very common in Nigeria. Former President Goodluck Jonathan is known to wear it. This fashion style has been waxing strong for many years. Named after a former senate president, the senator style is very classy and is worn by many men of today. If you want to rock the senator look, there are a few things you need to know.

The senator style features trousers and a top. The trousers are a little loose but the top can be short or long. You should consider your body size and stature to decide on the length of the top. This type of senator wear is typically embroidered, which gives it a classier look.

The Senator style is popular among people of Igbo and Niger Delta origin. The look is based on the native clothing and culture. A senator style male senator outfit consists of a long shirt that almost touches the knees. It is completed by a matching hat.

The senator style is very versatile and can be worn to different occasions. It can also be worn to a wedding. Ladies like it when men dress up and look stylish.

Agbada with wide sleeves

If you’re looking for a new style of Arewa male agbada, you may want to check out this stylish design. This two-piece style is often worn in more informal settings and has a shorter length than the traditional ankle length. The shorter length is popular among younger men and is especially suited for casual settings. In addition, this design can be worn without a hat.

The most common Agbada style features three pieces: a big dress, a long inner shirt, and matching trousers. It also has matching shoes. While this is the traditional style, some wearers prefer to remove the inner shirt and wear it without the agbada. This style is suited for most occasions, and is not limited to the Yoruba community.

When it comes to color, white is a classic neutral color that works well with any outfit. Moreover, it can be easily accessorized with a contrasting color such as red or yellow. White is also a versatile color that can be worn to various types of events, from weddings to luncheons. If you’re attending a wedding, consider wearing a white Agbada with matching hat.

Agbadas are typically made from cotton or another pure fabric. Cotton is particularly suitable for casual wear and is often inexpensive. It’s also important to choose the appropriate length for your Agbada. Ideally, your trousers shouldn’t cover your shoes.

While Agbadas are traditionally worn for special occasions, they’re also commonly worn on Fridays. Moreover, you’ll find that many famous men wear an Agbada to perform their religious duties. For example, British-Nigerian actor John Boyega recently wore an Agbada to the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


The male Isiagu is one of the most traditional pieces of Arewa clothing. It has a chest pocket on the front and is traditionally given to men with a chieftaincy title. It is often paired with a red fez hat or a red Igbo lion cap, called Okpu Agu in the Igbo language. Isiagu clothing is made from cotton or velvet and comes in a variety of colors. It is often patterned with lace or cloth embroidery. Women have also started wearing this style of clothing in recent years.

The name ‘Isiagu’ comes from the word ‘lion head’ and was traditionally worn by chiefs of Igbo communities. Today, the Isiagu is a popular fashion style in eastern Nigeria. Men wear it as a pullover shirt and can wear it as a formal “English” outfit as well.

Isi-Agu is similar to a Dashiki, but it has a chest pocket and gold buttons. The fabric is printed with Lion heads, a sign of authority and pride. Igbo men and women wear this traditional outfit to represent their power and authority. The Isi-Agu is usually worn on special occasions, and is often accompanied by a red fez hat.

The Igbo people are one of the three largest ethnic groups in Nigeria. The Igbo people include the Orlu, Aniocha, Ika, and Mbaise. The Igbo men wear Isiagu tops with lion heads, which are worn with trousers. They also wear traditional striped hats.



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